When given the opportunity to show at Needlework for Supercrawl 2014 I knew I’d like to connect their themes with mine. Although I’ve worked in many textile mediums I’d never tried pieced quilting – Needlework’s specialty.

As a weaver I make small wool tapestries that emphasize simplicity in design, geometric forms, and bold tones. Weaving is an inherently very linear and geometric craft because of the grid structure created by the intersection of the warp and weft threads. These aspects are a major part of what draws me to weaving: the ability to create pattern through a grid system. I’m most interested in the geometric nature and grid structure of pieced quilting and the technical aspects it shares with weaving.

These two methods of creating panels of cloth go hand in hand. By up scaling measurements of my woven tapestry and its interior shapes, I could easily create pattern pieces for the quilt. Through this process I was able to successfully recreate my prior work in a new medium.

174 James St S
Hamilton, ON

Photo Credit: Hollie Pocsai